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Centre 100 Holdings Ltd.

Headquartered in Grand Prairie Alberta, Centre 100 Holdings Ltd. boasts a wide selection of apartments for rent across the province. One such holding is Cathedral Court apartments. Situated near Edmonton's downtown core, these apartment rentals are ideally located near St. Joseph's Basilicia, eateries, shops, green spaces, MacEwan University, Oliver School, and other local attractions.

Alberta renters choose Centre 100 Holdings apartment rentals like Cathedral Court because of their close proximity to great amenities, clean environments and caring on-site caretakers.

Cathedral Court is completely renovated – boasting one and two bedroom apartments for rent, balconies, and a senior-friendly environment. Adult renters will dig Cathedral Court's mature and comfortable vibe.

Contact Centre 100 Holdings today to learn how they can help you find a place you can call home!

Apartments for Rent Centre 100 Holdings

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