Clear  |  More Options ▼ Rental Policies supports equal opportunity in housing with their listed rentals, and they advise all of their users to follow the outlined guidelines to ensure compliance with the with the Human Rights Commission and their legislation as individually established within all of Canada’s provinces and territories. In addition, all listed properties are expected to adhere to their local municipal regulations. These laws prohibit landlords and property managers from denying a person housing, or discriminating in a tenancy agreement based on the following reasons:

• Gender and any gender-determined characteristics, including but not limited to pregnancy.
• Age; this includes individuals who are emancipated and/or 16 years or older who are no longer living with their parents.
• Race or interpreted race, ethnic background or place of origin, colour, or aboriginal ancestry.
• Religion, creed, religious beliefs, any religious associations or religious activities.
• Mental or physical disabilities, or dependency on any remedial devices to alleviates these conditions.
• Marital or familial status
• Sexual orientation
• Legal sources of income, including the receipt of public assistance.
• Social conditions
• Political beliefs, convictions, associations or activities
• Citizenship
• Language
• Disfigurement or irrational fears of contracting a disease or illness.
• Criminal record or criminal charges
• Association with another individual or class of individual who reflect any of the above characteristics.

A Property Manager’s and an Owner’s Responsibilities

As a property manager, owner or the person responsible for the representation of this property you have the responsibility not to discriminate in the rental or lease of any of your advertised properties. You are required to ensure that your ads do not infringe on the designated provincial and municipal jurisdictions. You are not permitted to comply with any request from a property manager or owner to exhibit any discriminatory behaviour or criteria in issuing a lease, or rental agreement that infringes on the legislation in place by the Human Rights Commission and doing so will result in the removal of your ad without notice. In conjunction with these legislations, a property manager, owner or the legal third party representative serving this property cannot establish discriminatory terms or conditions regarding the rental. This includes denying that the property is still available for rental, or advertise that the property is available only to designated persons of a particular gender, race, age, colour, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, familial status, country of origin, or any other discriminatory and prohibited acts that are enforced in your municipal and provincial jurisdictions.

Your Rights as a Renter

As an individual looking to rent a property (apartment, home, or condo), you have the right to expect that the vacant rental will be available to you without any risk or fear of discrimination or violation of your respective human rights legislation or municipal jurisdictions. This includes the right to expect equal professional service from either a property owner or property manager. You have the right to the opportunity to consider an extensive range of housing options. As a renter, you will experience no discriminatory limits on communities or location of your considered housing option, no discrimination in the pricing or financing of the property; reasonable accommodation in rules, procedures and practices for individuals with disabilities and the right to remain free from harassment or intimidation for exercising your rights.

Provincial and Territories Law

The areas of discrimination vary between all of Canada’s provinces and territories’, with this in mind, the grounds of discrimination within your preferred renting location may differ from those listed for you within our 4Rent Rental Policy. It is important that you as the renter keep yourself informed regarding the applicable provincial Human Rights Legislation within your province and territory, as well as keeping informed concerning applicable municipal laws. Should you find an ad on that infringes and violates the terms listed here within our policy, please flag the ad as prohibited so our team can remove it. Listings found to be in violation of this policy, and provincial and territories renter’s rights will be subject to removal without notice.