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Oxford e. rook Av Beaverb Choose Your New Home From This Selection! St. W Proudfo o t Ln. UTILITIES INCLUDED Riverside Dr. OXFORD STREET WEST APTS. 366-368 Oxford Street West 1 Bdrm from $ 887 2 Bdrm from $ 1,010 1.877.492.7999 Look up ID: 4R7023 on hilip Prince P d. R York t. W Hyde Pa rk Rd. UTILITIES INCLUDED ROYAL YORK ROAD APTS. 2 Bdrm from $ 969 1.877.492.9444 893 1.877.325.6222 Look up ID: 4R7021 on Look up ID: 4R7025 on Fanshawe Park Rd. W Windermere Rd. Adelaide St. N Rd. N Rd. d Wonderlan Hyde Park vd. Blackacres Bl Gainsborough Rd UTILITIES INCLUDED Kipps Lane . UTILITIES INCLUDED BLACKACRES BLVD. APTS. • Parking • Outdoor pool • Balconies • Quiet area, close to Sherwood Forest Mall • Elementary school nearby • Near routes #9 & #31 bus stops 3 Bdrm Townhome from 1,300 1.877.488.5888 848-852 Kipps Lane 1 Bdrm from $ 2 Bdrm from 791 $ 893 1.877.340.2777 Look up ID: 4R7022 on /caprent Huron St. KIPPS LANE APTS. 181-183 Blackacres Blvd Rd. W 170-186 Berkshire Drive 2 Bdrm from $ Commissioners BERKSHIRE WONDERLAND 1123-1131 Royal York Road $ Wonderland Rd Oxford S UTILITIES INCLUDED k Dr. gban Sprin Ber ksh ire Dr. d Blv od wo ild Gu l Roya Dr. .S m Fitzwilli d a Blv Look up ID: 4R7024 on July 9–23, 2016