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SOUTH CENTRAL 46 keep your kids safe summer electrical hazards A s the carefree days of summer fi ll our lives, make it a prior- ity to talk to your children about playing safe outside and staying away from electrical safety hazards. Here are seven tips from a special- ist on this caution, Hydro One: 1. Make sure kids understand that they need to obey warning signs and keep away from outdoor areas marked “Danger” or “Danger High Voltage”. No one should ever at- tempt to enter a station. 2. Remind them that before they ust climb a tree, it is a must to look up to make sure there are no hydro wires running through or beside it. 3. Point out overhead power lines and wires so that the kids know where they are and stay clear of them. Never try to touch any overhead lines with a pole or stick since electricity could travel down that object and cause a shock, which could result in a serious injury or death. 4. Take them to a wide-open space free of electrical lines to fl y kites, bal- loons and toy aircraft. 5. Make sure kids know to respect utility electrical equipment and never touch or climb poles, towers or metal transformer boxes. 6. Teach them to avoid wide-open spaces, pools, splash pads and trees during a lightning storm. 7. And remember to always call 911 in case of an emergency. Don’t touch some- one in the state of an electrical shock un- til the electricity has been turned off. ■ — News Canada 9928 90 TH AVENUE This building is located eight blocks from the popular Whyte Avenue in the Strathcona district. It’s half a block from the River Valley and Saskatchewan Drive. It is also on a main bus route, and an easy commute to downtown. This is a clean, quiet four–storey walk up with laundry facilities on two floors. No Smoking. Sorry, No Pets Allowed. Suites are spacious, bright, and upper suites include balconies. Each suite has a fridge, stove, and some have small in-suite storage rooms. Some are newly renovated. ASK ABOUT OUR INCENTIVES! 1 bedroom 9928 90 AVENUE 888-280-2552 Look up ID: 4R2769 at July 16–30, 2016 starting at $ 890 Heat, Water, Power included in rent. ELTON SUITES Edmonton Apartment Rentals