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apartment-sized kitchen

4 tips to give your tiny kitchen huge style

They say good things come in small packages, but it may not always feel that way when you are trying to prepare for a dinner party in a cramped kitchen. The experts at Haier, who specialize in small kitchen spaces, have compiled a list of simple tips and tricks that can make even the tiniest kitchen space can feel larger than life.

1. Declutter, declutter, declutter. Even a few pieces out of place can throw off a small space, so decluttering is key. Pare back your kitchen accessories to the necessities.

2. Keep it light. When choosing the colour palette for your kitchen, stick to neutral tones to expand and illuminate the walls. Keep both the walls and cabinetry the same colour to make the space appear bigger than it is. Use accessories like a bright kettle or tableware to add pops of colour.

3. Smart storage. Avoid using up precious countertop space for storage. Instead, think vertical, using hooks and shelves to maximize storage. Upper shelves can be used to store seasonal or largely decorative items.

4. Make a statement. Just because the space is small, not everything in it needs to be tiny. Filling the room with small accessories, small art and small furniture can make the whole room feel miniature or cluttered. Instead, choose a single statement piece — a lighting fixture, or a piece of art — to pull the room together and amp up your style.

– News Canada

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